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Lethbridge Badminton

Lethbridge Badminton Club

Located in Lethbridge Alberta, the Lethbridge Badminton Club not for profit organization will offer a place for members to learn the game, play for fun, or compete at higher levels within the badminton community. We will offer members the chance to learn a variety of footwork, hand-eye coordination, team communication as well as fitness, which are transferable to a multitude of other sports.

SEPT 2023

This fall’s programs are up and running! We have programs running at the Boy’s and Girls club of Lethbridge and a variety of venues with the City schools. Coached programs range from beginner to intermediate plus levels, ages from 7-19 (outside of those age ranges please contact the club)

Registration is open! We recommend all players to start in one of our beginner programs to solidify the fundamentals. Go to the registration page to sign up. If you feel that your skills are higher than beginner level, please send us an email to set up an assessment. This also gives us an idea as to where we feel your training needs to go. 

Private coaching is currently limited due to court space, but contact our head coach 1050coach@gmail.com to inquire.

NOVEMBER 18, 2022

Punch Pass cards have arrived. They can be used at any drop in event hosted by the club. Please speak to one of the club organizers to purchase one.

Cost: $50 Each punch section gives you 1 hour of play. Turn in the card when you purchase a new one and receive $5 off of your next card. These are transferable, but please remember that we require everyone playing with the club, even for drop in, to be a member, which is a yearly $5 Fee renewing on September 1 yearly. See you out there!

NEW!!!   Punch pass. Cost $50 Gives you 10 hours of play at any drop in with the Lethbridge Badminton Club (including Summer drop in, cannot use portions of an hour) When the card is used up, if you present the completed card when you buy a new punch pass you will get $5 off of the new card at time of purchase. These are transferable. (yes, you still need to pay a membership fee of $5 if you haven’t already, or you could use one of the punches to purchase your membership…we are flexibl 

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